Welcome to West of Scotland Padel

Membership 2018/19

A key component of any sports club is a membership structure – this regular monthly income allows clubs to budget and plan whilst providing best possible value for its members

There is joining fee of £50 payable on application for basic, silver, gold and premium.

Casual users are limited to 5 games before requiring to move to basic and pay membership.

Membership will include a fob or card which allows access to the building and a bespoke online membership system will monitor usage.

Court hire will increase from £20 to £30 an hour – casual user will see an increase from £5 to £7.50 per hour

Membership Categories

Type Monthly Cost Allowance Cost per hour Monthly Usage
Premium £100 Unlimited N/A < 23  hours
Gold £50 10 £4 10-23 hours
Silver £15 0 £5 < 9 hours
Basic N/A 0 £7.50 <2 hours
Casual N/A 0 £30 (court) 5 times per year

*Casual users will not have voting rights or have ability to access/ use facility without member and are limited to 5 sessions per year before requiring to become basic membership.

For more information please email – info@wospadel.co.uk

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